CP Trainer 2 by Jake

CP Trainer 2 is for Club penguin. It is like WPE Pro so I don’t recomend it because you might get banned! If you want to get clothes with trainer you have to know the IDs! CP Trainer 2 was made by this guy named Jake. This is where you can download it:www.opiumtest.blogspot.com (which is Jakes blog)!

You can use CP Trainer for….

1. Earning coins (doesn’t work anymore only an illusion)

2. Turning into Rockhopper (big possibility you will get banned unless you know how to prevent it from being detected by mods)

3. Getting any items for free including pins and backgrounds (need to know codes/IDs)

4. and doing cool glitches

I will tell you a few of the codes/IDs but I will not tell you all!

222=Pink Hoody, 443=Magician Hat, and 244=Ghost Costume!

If you would like to know more go to Google and type in “CP IDs”.


25 Responses to “CP Trainer 2 by Jake”

  1. how come none of this ever saves on your account?

    Editors Comment: CP Trainer does not save because somehow the item that you want does not go to your inventory. It’s only temporary. If you want it saved try WPE Pro even though most items are blocked. 😦

  2. why doesnt any of this save when you play the real club penguin?

  3. why doesnt the item i want save to my account so when i play the real game it is there?

  4. why wont it save it though

    Editor’s Comment: Why doesn’t it save? All I’m going to tell you is that CP Trainer only gives you temporary items. It can be useful though. Like if you want to look at an item that is coming out, you use CP Trainer.

  5. WAs up jake hey jake wanna be a Moderator on my cp haks site? go to serphant.wetpaint.com and then clik site reports, or message me at billybob-clubpenguinmoderator@hotmail.com ,Until then slither on!!!11

    Editor’s Comment: I’m sorry but I already have many things to do so I don’t think I can become an admin on your site but I’d really like to help with hacks.

    P.S. My name is not Jake.

  6. my cp trainer 2 dont work i cant get that ghost costume tell me how to do it email me at bailyschoolkids@aol.com

  7. i hav a mac and its not working so how do i do it? 😕

  8. The cp trainer doesnt work on me!!when i try pressing the “become cp member” button, and i try to buy clothes, i can’t buy it!!

  9. i want to become a member pleas help me

  10. love klara

  11. i dont get cp trainer the avatar thing how doed it work??

  12. Why don’t you make one which can save items and be a member? xD

  13. hey mr.jake
    looks like you have a pretty succseful thing going on here! one problem thouh, I CANT DOWNLOAD IT! how do ya doo it? help

  14. hey the money hack doesnt work???? HELP!

  15. Jake i downloaded the cp trainer 2.0 and it won’t worke WHY??

  16. how do you kack rockhopper?

  17. Ok I need help, I open up cp trainer 2.0, and then I open up club penguin but nothing happens, if you could just guid me through, That would be great

  18. how do you use it my screen turns blank. email me at luisduenas11@yahoo.com

  19. heyy
    when i open cp trainer 2 my page remailns blan what shud i do
    plz help me

  20. how do i use this!

  21. :):):):0:):):):):):):):):):):):)

  22. shit you fuckin bitch nigger fire on the poop deck

  23. i just get a white screen and thism thing does not work sorry but its fucking crap

  24. http://www.icpv3.com best cheating site ever the clothing ids are !ai then the id number !Af furniture items and everything else if u find me on icpv3 im jason3364,hondacivic05,icychil2 those r my 3 main pengys regester ur pengy and download it soooo cool check it out sometime everybody. you will love it XP

  25. Its a white screen… Help! I wanna be a member but the CPT by Jake doesnt work!

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